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Kiwi Zkittlez

Strain: Kiwi zkittlez

Lineage: Kiwi Sherbert ❌️ Zkittlez Cake

Days: 50-70

Yield: Above average-high

Height: Medium

Strain Cultivation Characteristics Description:

The cultivation experience of this strain is described as colorful and pleasant, reflecting its overall nature. However, it should be noted that without specific strain information, I can only provide a general understanding of the characteristics mentioned.

The strain exhibits a range of phenotypes due to the presence of recessive genes, which adds an element of surprise to its cultivation. One notable phenotype is the heavy Chem phenotype, known for its intense nasal burn and heady effect. This suggests that it may have inherited characteristics from the Chemdawg lineage, which is known for its potent and gassy aroma.

The dominant phenotypes, on the other hand, offer a delightful combination of zkittlez terpenes, kiwi fruits, and lovely gas, resulting in a highly enjoyable aroma. Zkittlez is known for its sweet and fruity profile, while the addition of kiwi and gas aromas further enhances the sensory experience.

In terms of plant structure, this strain can exhibit variability. It can range from plants with large, heavy colas to those with smaller, cookie-like buds. This indicates that different phenotypes may have distinct bud structures and sizes.

However, one consistent characteristic across the phenotypes is their high resin production. This means that the plants produce a significant amount of resin, which becomes evident with just a gentle touch. High resin production is desirable for those interested in making extracts or concentrates.

Most phenotypes of this strain tend to have a medium height, which makes them relatively manageable during cultivation. This suggests that they are not excessively tall or difficult to handle, allowing for easier maintenance and cultivation practices.

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Each pack purchased includes a complimentary set of 6 feminized seeds of our Zkittlez Cake S1.

(Adult Genetic preservation Souvenir) “Not to be germinated sold as a collectible for display purposes only”