Strain: Kawaguchi

Lineage: Titty glitter#5 ❌️ Tachibana

Days: 60-80

Yeild Above average-high

Height-medium-very tall

Strain Cultivation Characteristics Description:

Indeed, this strain is incredibly special and unique. With a diverse range of effects, from sativa-leaning phenotypes to strong and unforgiving hybrid effects, it can leave you both dazed and concentrated. The terpene profiles are also quite remarkable, varying across phenotypes. Some express citrusy notes of tangerines and grapefruits, while others lean towards the grape runtz spectrum. Additionally, there are occasional phenotypes that exhibit a “titty glitter” leaning profile, characterized by a dirty gassy aroma. It’s fascinating to see such a wide array of terpene options within this strain. Moreover, if desired, many phenotypes can achieve a dark fade, enhancing the visual appeal of the buds. Overall, this strain appears to offer an exceptional combination of effects, terpenes, and yield.

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(Adult Genetic preservation Souvenir) “Not to be germinated sold as a collectible for display purposes only”