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Kiwi Goddess

Strain: Kiwi Goddess

Lineage: Titty glitter #5 ❌️ Kiwi sherbert #16

Days: 50-70

Yield: above average

Height: short-medium


This strain offers a combination of weight and terpenes, making it highly regarded. The aroma profile spans from reminiscent of an old candy shop to a mix of apple Jolly Ranchers candies and kiwis. Additionally, there are various phenotypes within this strain, some of which emit a strong, dirty, gassy funk scent, while others have different aromas that fall between these extremes. In terms of structure, this strain is primarily characterized by a cookie-like appearance. Many phenotypes exhibit a compact structure with minimal spacing between nodes. The majority of plants within this strain tend to be short to medium in height, although a few taller phenotypes may also be present. One exceptional feature of this strain is the abundance of trichomes, which indicates a high resin content. This resinous characteristic is often considered desirable. Moreover, this strain is known to exhibit a beautiful fade, with colors ranging from pink and purple to black.

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(Adult Genetic preservation Souvenir) “Not to be germinated sold as a collectible for display purposes only”