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Strain: Amorino

Lineage Titty glitter#5 ❌️ (guava gelato ❌️¬†icee sherbert)


Yield: Above average

Height: small-medium

Strain Cultivation Characteristics Description:

This strain continues to impress with its impeccable qualities. Most phenotypes exhibit a medium height and dense, greasy golf ball-shaped buds that emit a delightful aroma of sweet and spicy gelato, complemented by hints of fruits and vanilla. Some of the smaller, squat phenotypes lean towards a funky, dirty gassy profile. Regardless of the specific phenotype, all variants of this strain are exceptionally potent, delivering a heavy-hitting effect, and are known for providing a delicious smoking experience. It seems like this strain is consistently outstanding, making it a winner in every pack.

Double the delight with every pack

Each pack purchased includes a complimentary set of 6 feminized seeds of our Zkittlez Cake S1.

(Adult Genetic preservation Souvenir) “Not to be germinated sold as a collectible for display purposes only”